‘Disciplinary Institutions’ showing Wed 17th August in London! (tonight!)

MILLINGTON | MARRIOTT present OPEN film schedule

New Gallery London
92 Peckham road, SE15 5PY
London, United Kingdom

Andrew Hinton – Banking on change (11.44)
James Jarret – Absence of the Star (4.00)
Matthew Verdon – The Adventures of Monica (4.35)
Alex Reuben – Big hair (5.13)
Oliver Smith – Belief Perspective (7.56)
Thomas Kilburn – I could Never Love Again (9.36)
Melanie Menard – Disciplinary Institutions (6.52)
Luke Howlin – Spritz (8.16)
Pete May – Dolly With a Dick (TRANStv) (10.00)
David Altweger – The Twilight Project Chapter One (5.31)

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