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I’ve uploaded a video tutorial:

In this tutorial, I have compiled technical tips from four reference books: The art of technique: an aesthetic approach to film and video production by John S. Douglass and Glenn P. Harnden, Cinematography: Image Making for Cinematographers, Directors and Videographers by Blain Brown, The Techniques of Film Editing by Karel Reisz and Gavin Millar and Cinematic Storytelling: The 100 Most Powerful Film Conventions Every Film-maker must know by Jennifer Van Sijl. General knowledge present in any reference book is not referred to a particular book. When a book made a particular point not seen anywhere else, I point to the exact reference.

This tutorial is aimed at video artists and makers of short experimental films with a low budget and minimal crew (or working alone) therefore it focuses more on mood, atmosphere and the look of the film than on traditional narrative, and techniques involving high budget and /or large crews are not discussed (complicated lighting set ups, camera moves requiring expensive equipment and such).

I have written this tutorial mostly for myself, that’s why it is currently presented as a series of notes. I may write it down properly later if I have spare time and enough people find it useful.

I very much hope this tutorial will be useful to many people, however, it took me a lot of work to write it therefore all content is copyrighted to me. You are welcome to use the information, quote etc… but please refer to the source as:


Please give this above link, not the link of the actual document you took because the general link will always contain the latest version of the document.

Many thanks and have a good read!

Note: sound design section is currently incomplete.

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